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Municipal Policies


Finance Policies

Banking and Investment policy

Budget Policy

Credit control policy

Indigent policy

Investment policy

Petty cash policy 

Rates policy

Traffic policy

Virement policy

Unauthorised fruitless and wasteful expenditure policy

Budget Policy 

Rates and Bylaws policy

Supply chain management policy


Credit control and debt collection policy

Tariff policy

Indegent policy

KZN 436 Municipality Borrowing Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Budget Process Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Funding Compliance Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Indigent Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Petty Cash Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Proposed Virement Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Proposed Asset Management policy

KZN 436 Municipality Proposed SCM policy

KZN 436 Municipality Rates By-Laws

KZN 436 Municipality Rates Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Writing Off of Irrecoverable Debts and Impairment of Debtors Policy

KZN 436 Municipality Banking and Investment Policy

KZN 436 Internal Audit Policy

Tariffs Policy



Acting allowance policy

Attraction and Retention policy

Bereavement  Policy

Code of conduct policy

Discipline policy

Dress code policy

Employment Equity

Employment Equity guideline

Fleet Management policy

HIVAIDS policy

Housing subsidy policy

Introduction for new employees

Leave encashment policy

Leave policy

Occupational health and safety policy

Overtime policy

Payment of long service awards

Performance management framework

Policy on the Mayoral vehicles

Recruitment and selection policy

Smoking policy

Study assistant policy

Substance abuse policy

Succession planning policy

Telephone policy

Termination of service policy

Training and development policy



IT user access policy

IT Patch Management Policy 

ICT Backup Policy



ICT maintenance Plan


Audit Committee Charter 2014 15

Internal Audit Charter 2014 15