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Integrated Development Plan

Municipal IDP 2013 to 2014 [Download]

Ingwe will concentrate on 11 strategic priorities for 2013/2014. The outer years will continue delivery against these and may rescind lower order priorities later should these be concluded by 2018/2019: while introducing new ones – as and when the situation requires it.

The institution’s Infrastructure Planning and Development Department will serve just more than 1 700 households over 2013/2014 with its roads programme. The figure should increase slightly year on year, so that by the furthest outer years the number should approach 2 500 households. Electrification targets for 2013/2014 approach 900 households. This should grow to around 1 500 households in the final year of the 5 year projections. Community amenities are due to reach around 3 000 new households in the next financial year and should escalate to 3 500 households by the 2018/2019 financial year.

Ingwe’s Community Services Department, responsible for LED and job creation in selected categories predicts support to around 22 general SMMEs per annum (2 per ward) for the next financial year. By the last of the outer years the target will be 3 SMMEs per ward, or 66 in total per annum. Among its flagship LED projects concentrating on bio-fuel and livestock (heifers particularly) the beneficiary numbers should likewise increase year on year. Rail tourism numbers are impossible to predict but the municipality commits itself to benefits accruing to local businesses, from especially previously excluded operators. Poverty alleviation measures will remain targeting 100% of the poorest of the poor for assistance with IDs and access to social grants.

Democracy and governance issues should see the ward committees within Ingwe’s areas of jurisdiction all develop ward level development plans (CBP) and the implementation of these are targeted at the full spectrum of the population (just more than 100 000 individuals).


2013/14 draft Annual Performance Report uploaded on the 29/08/2014

Ingwe IDP 2014.15 Final Draft -(1)

2014/15 SDBIP uploaded on the 30/06/2014

Mid-year assessment report

2013/14 draft Annual Report_Part One uploaded on the 30/01/2015

2013/14 draft Annual Report_Part Two uploaded on the 30/01/2015

2013/14 draft Annual Report_Part Three uploaded on the 30/01/2015

FINAL SDBIP Adjustment Office of the MM

FINAL SDBIP Adjustment Corporate Services 

FINAL SDBIP Adjustment Budget & Treasury

FINAL SDBIP Adjustment Infrastructure and Engineering

FINAL SDBIP Adjustment Community and Social Services 

FINAL SDBIP Adjustment 

Service Delivery Charter

Ingwe IDP Review 2015.2016 [Second Draft]

2015/2016 SDBIP uploaded on the 03/07/2015


Community and Social Services

Office of the Municipal Manager

Finance Services

Corporate and Support Services

Public Works and Basic Services

Download this file (IDP Process Plan 2016 .pdf)IDP Process Plan 2016[ ]6674 kB